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Navigating Success Together:
YYC & Co – Your Trusted Audit Partner

YYC & Co PLT, a licensed audit firm since 1974 offers comprehensive audit and assurance services across Malaysia. With extensive industry knowledge and years of experience, we grasp the details of your business and client needs. This insight ensures a top-tier, transparent audit, backed by our skilled team's competence, delivering exceptional results and effective solutions. Our commitment is to empower entrepreneurial success through expertise, proactive care, and a positive business experience.

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About Us

Empower entrepreneurial success by delivering shared expertise, proactive care and a positive experience to business owners

Our Purpose

To inspire everyone to overcome their odds, unleash their potential and find fulfilment in life.

Our Core Values

One team

Delivering Exceptional Audit Experiences

Statutory financial statement audit

Review engagement

Agreed-upon procedure (AUP)



Due diligence review

Special audit

Internal audit

Labuan company audit

Other non-statutory audit for partnerships, clubs, associations, charitable bodies etc


Years of Experience


Clients Served


Creative Designers
Why Choose Us?

Your Trusted Audit Partner​

With over 50 years of track record, YYC & Co has garnered the confidence of clients across various industries and scales, encompassing small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations, multinational entities, and government agencies. Our dedicated teams consist of exceptional professionals with extensive industry experience, ready to swiftly identify solutions that best cater to your business needs.

Proactive care

We commit to carry out our brand promise towards all clients. With passion, we believe to only deliver the best to our clients.

Personal Touch

YYC & Co staffs are trained to keep lines of communication open. We value each of our client, we got your back anytime!


We uphold the reputation of the profession and the company through proper conduct and quality work at all times. Keeping up-to-date with applicable accounting and auditing standards, legal requirements, work methodologies, knowledge and skills is key to our audit approach.


YYC & Co ensures that we are operating at peak efficiency. We will respond to all forms of communication as soon as we can to resolve your needs and we ensure the delivery of efficient compliance within timeline.


We are a group of professional chartered accountants and business consultants dedicated to advice and assist businesses grow. With our experts from different fields, we are able to provide the best professional advices for your business growth.

Value-added services

YYC & Co delivers high-quality services at a reasonable fee, characterized by a personalized approach and enhanced partner and director engagement. Our commitment is to provide value-added services, collaborating closely with you to foster business growth and prosperity, contributing to the overall advancement of the business community.

Industry Expertise​

Specialized Auditing Proficiency​

Trading, retailing, distribution



Property development, real estate and construction


Food & beverage, consumer products and hospitality

Logistics & transportation

Technology, media & communications

Oil & gas, energy & commodities


Agriculture & aquaculture

Professional & business services

Our Approach To Client Services

Tailored Service Delivery Approach

Open and regular dialogue

We want you to be comfortable with the level and type of communication we are providing. Our goal is for you to always feel well informed but not overwhelmed by too much information. The audit team will bring up issues it identifies at the earliest possible stage such as implications of impending changes to accounting standards. We will set up a clearly defined reporting and communication framework within the core engagement team and resolution of critical issues. We are committed to a "no surprise" audit.

Issues resolution

We believe in open communication. Any issues or technical disagreement will be resolved on a timely basis through dialogue between your management team and audit team. Any issues channeled to the core audit team members will be dealt with in a timely and consistent manner based on our reporting framework. The engagement team is supported by various national resources and subject matter professionals. Proactive teams, led by approachable partners and directors, use insights, experience and fresh perspective to understand complex issues faced by clients to help clients overcome challenges, find workable solutions and unlock opportunities.

Coordinated Audit

YYC's philosophy is that your financial statement audit cannot be effectively and efficiently executed without consideration of information technology risks and related controls. Accordingly, our information risk management (IRM) professionals equipped with deep understanding of similar IT environments are tightly coordinated into our overall audit process of understanding your business drivers, technology initiatives and evaluating the controls within your technology environment. In the planning phase of the audit, we will obtain an understanding of your other reporting requirements such as those relating to audit certification work so that the additional work procedures can be built into the audit plan to foster timely reporting and efficient execution.

Smooth audit transition

A smooth audit transition is imperative to you in order that you can focus on your business and challenges, YYC has extensive experience in and a tested methodology for audit transition of large organizations. With YYC, you can be assured of a smooth transition, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our Partners

We work with the best clients

YYC & Co expertly connects professionals and agencies to businesses seeking specialized talent. Look who have joined our team.

Our Team

Let's Meet Our Team

Jasmine Hau

Managing Partner

Anthony Ng

Audit Director

Dato' Khoo

Audit Partner

KK Chow

Audit Partner

Chan Wei Khjan as Audit Director in YYC Assurance PAC Singapore branch

Chan Wei Khjan

Audit Partner

Ho Kee Keong

Audit Partner

Ng Siok Kim

Audit Partner

Bui Chern Choong

Audit Partner

Sun Wai Cheng

Audit Partner

Wong Oon Khong

Audit Director

Chow Ying Cheng

Audit Director

Lawrence Goh

Audit Director


What People Says About Us

“YYC & Co has been our auditor for the past two years and we are very impressed with their services. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and proactive. They always keep us updated on the latest tax developments and advise us on the best tax strategies and solutions. They also help us with our tax filings and dispute resolutions with the tax authorities.”
Adam Smith
CEO of A
“YYC & Co has been our auditor for the past year and we are very pleased with their services. They are experienced, competent, and innovative. They helped us with our business valuation, due diligence, and merger and acquisition activities. They also helped us with our risk management and strategic planning. They are more than just an adviser, they are a partner.”
John Doe
CEO of B
“YYC & Co has been our auditor for the past three years and we are very happy with their services. They are professional, reliable, and efficient. They always deliver their audit reports on time and with high quality. They also provide us with valuable insights and recommendations to improve our business performance and growth.”
John Doe
CEO of C
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